The Treasures of the Aztecs

The Treasures of the Aztecs

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Players: 2 - 6          Duration: 1 hour          Age: 8+

Can you decipher the ancient aztec clues and find Montezuma's lost treasure?

About The Game

A team of archaeologists at the Mexico City Museum have uncovered a treasure trove of ancient texts and on close inspection, it looks like they point the way to Emperor Montezuma’s legendary lost treasure.

But the texts won’t give up their secrets easily, only the greatest minds of our age stand a chance at unraveling them... The race is on to crack the texts and make the find of the century.

Will you discover a gold hoard beyond your wildest imagination?

What you need
  • Printer
  • Device (phone/tablet/laptop etc)
  • Internet connection
  • A Facebook account
How to play
  • Download and print your pack of ancient secrets - don’t forget to save your download
  • Decipher the ancient Aztec riddles, sift through clues left by the conquistadors and use your phones to search for more guidance
  • Need some clues? Marcos, Professor of Antiquities at the Mexico City Museum, will be on hand to answer any questions